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Domestic Pest Control 

Unwanted Intruders  

We understand the anxiety and stress caused by having an unwanted intruder in your home. They carry diseases, sting and some even bite which can be very discomforting.


Venom Pest Control is dedicated to getting your home back from these invasive creatures and restoring your peace of mind as quickly as humanly possible.

Call us today and we will visit usually within 24 hours and assess the infestation before carrying out the most safe and efficient eradication process.


For all insect related issues, you will be sent treatment preparation instructions prior to your visit, so that you are fully prepared and understand the process.


Once the initial treatment is completed, our experienced fully qualified technician will offer you the necessary advice to help you maintain a Pest Free home. 


It doesn't stop there, our after care service is available after all treatments, just pick up the phone and we will answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


From a mouse in the kitchen

to a full blown wasp nest.

we've got you covered

The Problem with Pests

Pests such as rodents can cause damage to property through chewing, gnawing and contaminate surfaces by regular urination and defecating.


Both rodents and insects carry organisms that can cross contaminate food and cause diseases such as salmonella and lyme disease. Fleas and other biting pests such as bed bugs, feed on human blood, causing skin irritations and lots of uncomfortable nights.

Don't Suffer in Silence

We are here to give you reassurance and help you regain a pest free home as quickly as humanly possible. All visits are 100% discreet and at a time convenient to you.

Home Inspections 

Moving Into a New Home? 

There is nothing worse than moving into your new home only to find it is infested with rodents or suffers every year from an ongoing problem.

Perhaps the previous occupant had cats and has left you an unpleasant flea infestation or even worse bed bugs.

For your peace of mind and a minimal cost, why not have your potential new home inspected and receive a full report of any findings and advice on how to keep your home pest free in the future.

Family Viewing House

Home Inspections Just £39.00

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What Pests Do We Deal With?

We carry out inspections, control and treatment for rodents, insects and a wide variety of textile pests within domestic and commercial premises


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